Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top 5 Female Bias-List Wreckers of 2014

This is a list of all the females who wrecked my bias lists in 2014. (You could really just take everything I said in my male bias-list wreckers list and reverse it for females and put it here. I have a lot to do so just go read that if you need something extra.) Enjoy!


5. Kei (Lovelyz)

Lovelyz are great rookies with a great album. Kei stands out the most for me, I also like her voice in the song "She's a Flirt" from the album as well.

4. Solar (MAMAMOO)

MAMAMOO in general is good, however Solar, like her name, just shines with everything. Especially her voice.

3. High.D (SONAMOO)

I just really love her belt in "Deja Vu" and her overall singing voice. It's a shame people chose to ignore it just to complain about Sonamoo but I guess people just suck like that.

2. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet are also some great rookies (female rookies rule) and Seulgi won me over in the "Happiness" music video. 

1. Soyeon (T-ara)

Soyeon's been a T-ara favorite of mine (bias is Jiyeon) since I became a fan of theirs. Her voice is not only supreme and she is one of the most underrated vocalist in k-pop ever, but in this Sugar Free comeback she looks totally breathtaking. I got a phone that was made in the current decade a day ago, so I finally got an instagram. I follow a bunch of classmates on their as well as idols. Soyeon's selfies be making me want to propose to her. Just saying.

I'm just now realizing that everyone on this list except for Soyeon is a nugu. I swear I didn't plan this, it just happened.

Honorable Ladies:

1. Hyeyeon (BESTie)
2. Youngji (KARA)
3. Yezi (Fiestar)


  1. Now you've joined the dark side by stanning Soyeon lol.

    1. The dark side is the best side if it has Soyeon.