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SONAMOO - Deja Vu, Review and Rant On Anti-TSers, VIP's, SHAWOLs, Blackjacks, and BABY's

Time for the final review and rant of 2014! Sonamoo debuted with "Deja Vu" the other day. Anti-TSers, VIPs, Blackjacks, and BABYs can't help but bring hate. You know, I really get sick of these people, considering that I stan SHINee, Big Bang, 2NE1, and BAP they really make the regular fans look bad. But more on that later, for now I'm going to accomstom Sonamoo with the review they deserve that no one besides a YT reactor or two will give them.

Ladies and gentlemen, SONAMOO:

Were you mind-blown by BAPs debut? Did you think "If only a girl group could do this and not give me ear cancer"? Do you like hip-hop? Do you girls in hip-hop? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions then you should probably check out Sonamoo because otherwise, you're missing out.

Well, where do I begin with this stellar debut? Well, I'll just start off with the song. It's fantastic in every way. I've been listening to it on repeat ever since it came out. I was born in 1997 and I grew up (childhood wise) on hip-hop music from the early-mid 2000s back when hip-hop was still sounding decent. It really does sound like early-to-mid 2000's hip-hop, with some great bass and overall punchy feel of the song. Carried by some nice-sounding vocalist and two rappers that hold up just fine in my case. A nice choppy break-down, and a final chorus carried by a nice belt (which everybody chose to ignore so they could talk about the "lack of vocal talent" in the group) carried by member High.D (long red hair and bangs) that all in all made this song rewrite my Best of 2014 list.

So with all of that said, where does the MV lay? It's great as well, carrying a similar grimy and urban vibe as BAP's "Warrior" and I absolutely love it. These girls carry some awesome dances and appear more badass than 99% of girl groups. And I don't have a problem with the token "aegyo" or "sex symbol" girl groups, I love AOA and Lovelyz for Christ sake! However when a girl group like this shows up, changing up the average game, carrying confidence and badassery as well as any other BAP, BTS or Big Bang, well, that's something special to me and I hold that near and dear to my heart. Sure some parts of the MV were kind of eye-brow raisey but like how the negatives of "Dirty Vibe" out-weighed anything good (if any) about the release, the awesomeness of Sonamoo out-weighs anything I may have laughed at. And for that I give this entire release a 5/5.

With that said my favorite female rookies of the year are SONAMOO and MAMAMOO equally. 2MOO 4 life.

I'll admit, I didn't really know what do expect out of their debut because:

           Isn't it just cool?

But I was pleasantly surprised and am looking forward to more from these girls in the future.

[End of Review]

Okay, TS-Antis, VIPs, Blackjacks, and BABYs. We need to have a talk. I'm going to address each of you differently. For those of you who aren't mindlessly following the trend, this post isn't for you and you can feel free to leave if you wish (or stay for entertainment) but for those of you who are, you need to see this.

[Start of Rant]


Okay, look I can understand why you're upset with TS and all but bashing Sonamoo isn't going to make them do shit but get more pissed. I read one post on tumblr saying that Sonamoo is probably their ideal female group but they can't support them because they don't want to support TS entertainment or any other person who does slave contracts. First, if that's the case, you shouldn't be listening to any k-pop in general, just because TS and SM are the only companies who got caught doesn't mean other companies aren't doing it. It means they haven't been caught yet. And second, not supporting Sonamoo is doing damage to them not TS. TS will simply disband Sonamoo and debut another group once the law suit is filed or something. Which means no more badassery and possibly a different group who will probably make you barf. I don't give a shit about companies. I'd still be a SHINee and F(x) fan if they weren't from SM because they make good music. Sonamoo are in a bad spot, but boycotting them is not the answer.


You guys are fucking retarded. Sonamoo complimented Big Bang by saying that they were their role models, and they were met with responses like this:

Did they say they were trying to beat out Big Bang? Last time I checked they were complimenting them but I guess when you're a stupid netizen a new type of thinking occurs.

PTS_sr from AKF says it best:

"role model=bias=want to bang

nugu skanks+want to bang/Big Bang= THREAT TO OPPARS MUST BE ELIMINATED!!!"
*can't screencap on this computer sorry* 

So yes, even if you compliment a group, people will still find some sort of way to shit on you because they're stupid and have no fucking lives so they fill the need to shit on more successful girls. 


Their colors aren't even the fucking same. Sonamoo's is darker, and SHINee's color isn't even GREEN it's an aqua. Sonamoo means pine tree in Korean, therefore Sonamoo's color is fucking green because it's a goddamn TREE. Get that through your brains before embarrassing yourself and your bias. Do you understand there are only seven colors in the rainbow? We can't make up new colors ya know. 


The only blackjacks I can tolerate are me, my friend, sugafreepotato, Lee_MiCha, and cha_cha. Blackjacks in general are a terrible fanbase that bring disgrace to one of k-pops greatest groups. First off, TS never compared them to 2ne1, it was a netizen who said that on a website called Pann. STOP TRYING TO START FANWARS WITH GROUPS YOU FEEL THREATENED BY. This is going to be worse then the T-ara vs. SNSD days if you guys don't get a grip over the fact that 2ne1 don't own everything cool, hip-hop, swag, or weird. Get over you pathetic fantasies and live with reality.


I really shouldn't have to say anything here, because most of them are anti-ts now, so this is geared towards a specific type of BABY, so. If BAP did this you would have loved it, but since Sonamoo are a new group with a similar image that may or may not be close with BAP, they "must be eliminated" and are now a "threat" to your "oppars." Get over it. BAP have enough to deal with without their fanbase getting crazy on them.

[End of Rant]

In the meantime lets hope for the best.

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  1. Honestly, I felt really bad for SONAMOO. I still can't believe TS Ent decided to debut them in the middle of the scandal and expect things to go well. As a BABY, I was ready to support SONAMOO but I just couldn't do it after the lawsuit. Why? Because if SONAMOO had been successful, TS Ent would not have cared about BAP's lawsuit -they would have happily kept trucking on with their new cars cow. By not supporting SONAMOO, it sent TS Ent a message that they couldn't just ignore the lawsuit (which they were doing) and they were going to crash and burn without BAP. I felt bad that SONAMOO was in the crossfires because they honestly didn't deserve any of it, but unfortunately nothing could've been done due to TS's epic mismanagement and ability to piss off multiple huge fandoms at the same time. Now that the drama is over, I hope that they can gain some support and do well.