Friday, December 5, 2014

Some Love For EYK

Happy Friday everyone! We had a lot of heavy articles, to keep are joyful and lighthearted streak going, I'm going to post some nice EYK videos. I know I kind of took a massive dump on them for their other-other K-pop Music Monday (and my opinion still remains the same)  but I feel the need to at least put out there, that I do like them and they still have some pretty awesome videos.

While two out of three of these videos contain some heavy information as well as some saddening effects, they still have great information and view points on the situations as well as enlightening the world on some of South Korea's more dark side. Sure k-pop may be all fun and games (well it used to) but you can't let k-pop and k-dramas decide your viewpoint on an entire country. You should at least know the pro's and con's because no country is perfect, they just have great propaganda.

I saved the more lighthearted and funny video for last so that you can at least leave on a semi-humored note.

Their latest TL;DR on K-Pop Slave Contracts:

Previous TL;DR on Single-Mothers in Korea

Fangurilla Takes Europe!

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