Wednesday, December 17, 2014

[Review] Skrillix, Diplo, CL snd G-Dragon - Shit Vibe

I will not link the music video or song for the sake of your ears.

Before I start this, just some disclaimers so no one will misunderstand me:

1. CL and GD are two of my biases

2. I don't hate anybody in k-pop or any American artist, just bad songs

3. Given that I've only liked like 3 or 4 songs from YG this year, I automatically set my standards low so that if the song was bad, I wouldn't go too much into shock. However this made me want to have absolutely no hope for it whatsoever.

4. This is k-pop. Just because GD and CL did a crossover with two American producers and rap in Engllish here and there doesn't take that from the k-pop category. If Mariah Carey did a crossover with a Korean producer and sung a bit in Korean would you call it k-pop?

5. If you like it, good for you. If you're offended by this, grow up and accept that not everybody is going to agree with you.

What the actual fuck was this? You know what this song is? Everything bad about main-stream western/American artist and thrown into one big giant shit ball. I, and a lot of other international fans, listen to k-pop so we won't claw our eyes and ears out every time we turn on the radio over here. And what do you do? TRY TO MAKE THAT SHIT TRENDY IN K-POP!!!

The instrumental is so terrible and jacked up I don't even know where to begin. If there was anything good about it, it lost it's credibility to other shit used in it. And there is A LOT of shit in this. It just really fucking sucks.

What's worse is that the rapping isn't even decent. Given that they are Korean, and rapping in English isn't their cup of tea, they could have at least had some sort of interesting word play. But NO they did the basic mainstream western rapper Nicki Minaj/2Chainz bullshit that makes me want to shoot myself in the fucking brain. There's a reason why I mainly stay stuck in the 90's when it comes to American rap and hip-hop and it's because the shit on radio fucking sucks massive amounts of dick. And it doesn't help that we only have a handful of decent mainstream American rappers left, because I guess the originals don't want to be associated with the crap the newbies make today which I guess I can't blame them for. 

What about the music video? Fuck the music video. After "Good Boy" (a song I actually liked btw) MV was a bore, I think this is just how YG is going to make their MV's. It's not even that interesting with the only thing worth even giving the time of day to, is what GD and CL are wearing/how they look, and if you're into guys painted black dancing with horns on their head. 

You know your song fucking sucks when your main supporters tell you it sucks. This song failed me GD and CL. WHAT THE FUCK WAS YG SMOKING WHEN HE PICKED SKRILLIX OF ALL PRODUCERS? 

I can't even give this points for effort, so since it's a song which shows at least somebody tried  its 0.5/5. Better luck next time.

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