Tuesday, December 9, 2014

[MV Review] Masta Wu Feat. Dok2 and BOBBY - Come Here


I should like this. This has this sort of faux hip-hop look and sound that I like. Hell I like G-Dragon, BTS, and BAP for gods sake! Epik High's "Born Hater" was so freaking amazing I had high hopes for this. So why am I insanely bored by this?

My guess is this: it's anti-climactic. I like the song however I couldn't get into it. I thought the beat was nice, mostly during the verses, but the chorus did nothing for me. The sound of the song is very interesting, and for once, the trap beat used didn't ruin anything, but I found myself yawning and wanting to go to sleep all throughout this MV.

Second is the MV. I think the reason why I like G-Dragon so much is because he comes off as knowing that he's not real k-hiphop. I think he sort of knows he's taking a more gimmicky and comical side to the genre and that your not supposed to take him seriously as some sort of Tupac or Biggie, but just as someone you can get some nice music from and a good video from as well. Keep in mind this is just my opinion and how I interpret GD's music, it's no fact. BTS rap about interesting stuff (anything outside of BIL and Danger have some interesting lyrics if I must say so my self) as well as have MV's that actually keep your attention. Same can be said for BAP.

Nothing was truly amazing about the rap here. I'm not sure if Masta Wu is considered a great rapper in Korea but I know for a fact he's a veteran, I dunno about Dok2 other than the fact that he collabs with a lot of idols. I've looked at the lyrics and nothing really caught my eye. I dunno about Bobby's rapping abilities but he seems to be standing up just fine as an idol rapper. The MV was practically anti-climactic as well. Just take CL's "The Baddest Female" music video only take away everything that made that music video fun and replace it with bats, cars, and staircases. The only thing I found interesting about the mv was the girls spike bra because I've always wanted a spike bra, and Bobby drinking the milk because what the fuck is up with that?

My overall thoughts is that this a straight average song with a slightly below average video. I'm not saying it's a low quality video, but it really didn't do anything for me. Maybe this will grow on me and I'll wind up liking or loving it, I'll listen to it a few more times. But as of now, it remains quite average, nothing less or more. I give this a 2.75/5 because the song is aight  and the video is kind of a snooze-fest for me.

This for me is a bad example of a YGE release, and you know what, I'll review Epik High's "Born Hater" just to prove what a good YGE release looks like.

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