Sunday, December 14, 2014

MAMA's: Fandoms Out-Wanking Other Fandoms

I was watching Got7's "Stop Stop It" for the 40,000 times because I fucking love the song, when I saw some former Got7 fans upset in the comments because WINNER beat them out in the MAMA's for best rookie group. I'm hear to let all of upset Got7 fans know, that you shouldn't care about Got7 gaining recognition for a MAMA, why because they've never been about the music in the first place.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a person who is a fan of Got7, EXO and likes WINNER. 

In the words of the great and almighty Kpopalypse, he puts it best:

In the west the Grammys are supposedly the most important music award going, and nobody in the business with any brains really gives a fuck about that, either.  Maybe it’s because the Grammys have a reputation for having no fucking idea about anything regarding music, which one would think might be kind of important for a music award, but even more so it’s because it’s very obviously an industry circle-jerk. -Kpopalypse (Go Fuck Your Mama's)

That's exactly what the MAMA's are, only instead of a big industry circle-jerk, its a fandom circle-jerk. It's basically each fandom in competition to see who can out-wank all the other fandoms.

Take 2013 for example, anybody who listens to k-pop for the music knows that XOXO was NOT the best album of the year. It wasn't terrible, but come on? (I'm not saying some people didn't honestly enjoy the album, but these are NETIZENS we're talking about. Keep that in mind.) Modern Times or Pink Tape deserved that award, so why did XOXO win instead? Simple, it's because EXO had the bigger fandom. They didn't give a damn about rather IU's or F(x)'s albums had higher musical quality, it wasn't about XOXO, it was about EXO, and their faves being the best at everything and using the *useless* MAMA award as "proof" of that. 

The same thing happens every year and it's happening this year. Sure Got7 may have superior music to WINNER, but that won't stop the WINNER fangirls from jerking off to that "Vote for WINNER" button on the MAMA voting page. Sure BTS may have deserved a nomination for Best Boy Group but that didn't stop all of the SuJu fangirls who are "anti-nugu" and hate them just because they're new. 

The MAMA's are not awarding these groups for their good music, it's about fandoms awarding their faves so that they can pat-themselves on the backs and shit on groups who are "beneath their faves" just because they won an award that signifies "We Have the Most Delusional Fandom." 

So am I saying that WINNER didn't deserve the rookie of the year award? No, I wouldn't have voted for anybody regardless of the nominations. Even if Got7 had won I would have a "meh" reaction. Just know that the award practically means nothing in terms of music, which should be anybodies first reason to like a MUSIC group. 

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