Sunday, December 7, 2014

K-Pop 2k14 Scandal #749239850290494: Int. Fans Hate J-Hope + Rape Rumors???


Apparently fans are calling J-Hope ugly and also making up an identical to the Lovelyz Jisoo scandal rumor about him. 

Okay, this is really confusing. This is as stupid as the fans asking Mina to leave AOA because she's not sexy. Just because some assholes on the internet beg for someone to leave the group doesn't mean to company is going to make them leave the group.

Okay so imagine you're the head of Big Hit entertainment. BTS are your main cash-cows and even gaining some popularity in Korea, and even internationally. All the members are well liked, non are all that hated so that's a good thing. Then one day you come across some tweets talking about how J-Hope is ugly and demanding that he leave the group.

You just laugh and keep BTS's schedules going. Why?

First of all, it's a well known fact that group members don't leave because they're ugly. Look at SNSD, Hyoyeon's been called ugly since SNSD's inception. However she still has a lot of fans, and on top of that she's a great dancer. Look at SECRET, Zinger's been bombarded with ugly comments however she still has tons of fans, and is a nice rapper for the group as well as a promising dancer. If you want to talk about boy groups, look at Super Junior, BAP, the list could go on. But the members who DO leave, are always the members who are considered wildly attractive. Like Joon from MBLAQ and Jessica from SNSD. So yes, in a way k-pop trolls their haters.

Second of all, why would you kick J-Hope out of the group? He may rank 3 out of the three rappers in Bangtan, but considering that he's actually pretty decent (in my opinion) in a world of k-pop that runs off of less-than-mediocre rapping I don't see him getting kicked out for that. On top of that, he's the best dancer in the group out of the three main dancers (him, Jimin, and Jungkook) so loosing him would knock BTS down a big peg in the dancing department. 

My point is this, these people on YouTube and Twitter can wine and cry all they want, but the fact of the matter is this: just because J-Hope disturbs you from fapping to BTS videos doesn't mean that the company is going to cater to your needs (they do that enough as it is) and loose someone kind of important to the group. You think he's ugly? Too bad, go watch a fancam or something. The company doesn't cate that J-Hope disturbs your fap rhythm because just as much fans that fap to J-Hope and they just care enough that your fapping to BTS.

Now, about the rape stuff. These are just tweets there hasn't been a reply from the company, J-Hope hasn't said anything. All I can assume at this point, is that this person just wants attention and is pulling what the person who framed Lovelyz Jisoo was doing. Which is just fucking sick. IF this is the case, why tweet about it? Go to the fucking police and tell them what he did and stop begging for netizen pity. If more stuff comes out about this, then we'll know I guess.

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