Monday, December 8, 2014

HOTSHOT Gives No Fucks (About Their Injuries)

I originally just wanted an excuse to just post some more pictures of Moonkyu, but I was on Asian Junkie and found that HOTSHOT refused to go to the hospital after a car accident so they could go through with a fanmeeting. The damaged was slightly minor, but they were still hospitalized for the injuries. This is slightly humorous to me.

I mean, based off of the statement the conversation went something like this:

KO Sound: You guys were in an accident, do you want to cancel the fan-meet?

HOTSHOT: No, we want to want to go to this meet. We can go to the hospital afterwards.

KO Sound: Are you sure? We can cancel it if you want.

HOTSHOT: No, fuck off. Jesus Christ man, we said we could wait.

KO Sound: *Puts hands up in surrender motion* Okay.

Are HS doing this because they really want to meet their fans? Are HS doing this because they want to make more fans? Are HS just badass? Are HS just stupid? Are HS just k-pop heroes is disguise? Why is Moonkyu so hot again? These questions may have to go without an answer for now, but until then, here are some GIF's I made of Moonkyu from a recent live they did on Thanksgiving because hnnnnnnnng.


I actually made this gif by accident. It was a VERY happy accident :D


I think I'm...

RIP Suho_ftw. Her last words were "Imma make you feel high lalalalalala"

Ugh I'm a terrible blogger.

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