Sunday, December 7, 2014


Hello everyone! K-pop is about fun, so I've decided to attempt at making something fun.

All of the scandal this and scandal that this year has given me an inspiration to make a k-pop scandal game inspired by all of this k-pop related stuffs that's been going this year. Participate, play, and leave your results in the comments below!

Step 1: Choose Your Birth-Month

Choose the month you were born in, each month has a different idol that's been high in scandals, mostly from this year.

January - Taeyeon (SNSD) 

February - Seungri (Big Bang)

March - Chanmi (AOA)

April - Jisoo (Lovelyz)

July - Kai (EXO)

August - Sulli (F(x))

September - J-Hope (BTS)

October - Park Bom (2NE1) 

November -  Zico (Block B)

December - Dahee (GLAM)

Step 2: Choose the Day of Your Birth

Choose the day you were born on! Each number/day tells a scandal specific to k-pop. The idol(s) in parenthesis isn't who did this to you (the one on your birth month is) the idol(s) in the parenthesis is who the "scandal" was associated with originally so you can look them up to make sure I'm not bullshitting you. I'm too lazy to link everything here. I also twisted some of them to make them seem like they were directed towards you (i.e #2 #22.)

1. Bullies/kicks you out of the group (Taeyeon/T-ara)

2. Jizz's on you and doesn't give you a towel (Seungri)

3. Bitch-Faces you (Chanmi)

4. Calls you a racial slur (Kai)

5. Calls you a faggot-bitch (Zico)

6. Calls you a cao ni ma (Sulli)

7. Smuggled drugs (Park Bom)

8. Blackmails you (Dahee)

9. Bullied you in high school/was an iljin (Taehyun/Hyomin)

10. Forced buttplugs in you (Jisoo)

11. Forced your brother to have sex with them (J-Hope)

12. Pushed you in front of all your friends (Way)

13. Forced rice-cakes down your throat (Eunjung)

14. Gave you a "funny smelling cigarette" (G-Dragon)

15. Made a colorist remarks (A lot of them have)

16. Impersonates other races badly (Wendy)

17. Got drunk and poked you in the eye (Hyoyeon)

18. Made a sex-tape with you and showed it to your co-workers and boss (Jisoo)

19. Leeks nudes of you (Rain)

20. Gave you the middle finger (Onew)

21. Went to go get their nails done when they were supposed to be injured (Hwayoung)

22. Took a picture of you with condoms in the background (Jin)

23. Lifted up your skirt to make sure you were wearing undies (Yoona+Tiffany)

24. Mean-tweeted you (T-ara)

25. Misuses the word "democratization" (Hyosung)

26. Slept with IU/Slept with Eunhyuk (IU+Eunghyuk)

27. Wore the word "FUCK" on a shirt (Taeyang but a lot have)

28. Started dating (Any idol who has ever dated)

29. Got married (a couple have actually)

30. Appeared disrespectful (Any idol who has never acted like they were on crack)

31. Makes a diss track about you (Kemy)

Step 3: Choose Your Favorite Color

Pick your favorite color. This tells what you did after the scandal.

Red - Didn't care

Blue - Cried

Green - Told the police

Yellow - Turns out the scandal was fake and you just made up false rumors with false evidence about [insert your idol here] on twitter and other social media sites

Orange - Enjoyed it

Purple - Helped

Pink - Were shocked and appalled 

Black - Defended them

White- Threw dirty tampons/pads at them

Hope you enjoyed the game! For those of you wondering, my result was Kai pushed me in front of all of my friends and I told the police. 

Good luck~


  1. I have a favor for suho_ftw: PLEASE put this on AFF and then do a blog post on all(if any) replies you get!

  2. Btw, I got J-Hope made a sex tape of us and showed it to my boss and co-workers and I helped. Wow.

  3. I got Sulli calls me (or you) a faggot bitch and I helped. Wtf.