Tuesday, December 9, 2014

EXID's Company Have a Smart Marketing Plan

EXID are going to make it back on music shows! Why am I even more happy? Their companies smart marketing and publicity plan!

It is a announced that EXID are becoming more and more busy with music programs as well as getting request to make it on various events as well. Who knows maybe they'll get some variety play.

What makes this even more interesting is that their company also stated that EXID are in the preparations for a comeback with an album. Smart decision. Sell the song as long as you can, now that they're popular and all, then make another comeback that will more than likely, ride off of the popularity of "Up&Down." All I hope for, is that their comeback song is good, EXID haven't released a bad song yet, U&D is one my jams of this year, I hope their new song can be good if not better. I think if they teamed up with Shinsadong Tiger again, it would do them well.

More info on Asian Junkie


Found this in the comments:

Damn EXID, I thought it would stay #9 but no, they managed to come in at #2, just beating out Kyuhyun and just under Apink!

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