Tuesday, November 4, 2014

VIXX Are Coming to Chicago

It's official, VIXX are coming to Chicago!

I had known of VIXX possibly coming to Chicago, because the lady who owns the k-pop store I buy k-pop from mentioned it to my friend (who I always go with) who's is a HUGE VIXX stan.

Glad to see Chicago getting more love (first it was BAP.) Because before it appeared k-pop groups avoided Chicago like the plague. Ugh, I rolled my eyes at the Californian fans, because every k-pop groups goes to California and they go back for K-Con. This is like, Chicago's second idol group and you guys get them multiple times of the year. Let us have some love dammit!

Wish they're coming right after grades come out. But if I do go, I'll look forward to seeing Leo the most.

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