Sunday, November 9, 2014


Moonkyu was so supposed to be in EXO, but wasn't and he dropped from the SM trainee system. I have been praying since that he would at least make some sort of debut and HOTSHOT debuted a couple of days ago. And praise the Lord! Moonkyu is too hot to have not made a debut as an idol. The other members are hot too, but Moonkyu's always held a place in my heart? Is it because he's hot? Is it because he looks like the now non-idol Joon to me? Is it because he's friends with two of my favorite idols (Taemin and Kai)? Who knows? 

I like the song but I disliked the chorus, it was kind of atrocious at first, but the more I listen to it the more dope it sounds. The verses are stellar though. The editing for the MV is cool despite it looking kind of low budget and yeah blah blah I'm busy fapping to fangirling over Moonkyu.

Thanks pastel-art-kpop @ tumblr for the screen caps. Normally I do them myself but I really can't with this video without getting distracted. 


Onew tweets about Moonkyu:

I don't know what's the better. The fact that my ultimate bias is tweeting about one of my now bias list ruiners, or the fact that two of the most fappable guys in k-pop are being mentioned in the same tweet. 

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