Saturday, November 29, 2014

Re: "Don't Like My Bias?": Dear AKF and Kpopalypse, I FINALLY See the Forest for the Trees

AOA became one of my top groups this year, I had always followed them, but this year really knocked them out of the ball park (in a good way) with Mina being my fave. A few days ago some of us Mina fans were missing her in the "Like a Cat" dance practice vids, and some people saw it fit to "let us know" that AOA would be a whole lot better with Mina out of the group because she "dances lazy." Of course I defended her as I would with any idol (and I'll get to why in a second) but then I remembered this great article by Anti Kpop-Fangirl and Kpopalypse and it occurred to me that I really shouldn't give a fuck. 

At the time I just read that article as a cool piece of writing that I enjoyed very much and could relate to on some levels. Now that I'm reading into it, I can finally take the message of clearly (at least what I get out of it.) Getting upset over people who bash you're faves is just as useless as bashing idols yourself because at the end of the day, you're still going to love your faves, and the people who bash idols will continue to bash them.

I say this because even though the people in the comments section where being dicks, Mina is still my fave in AOA, and even though I could defend her until the sun blew up, they'd still say the same things about her. It's obvious they feel some kind of justification over saying stupid things like "So and so should leave the group! The group would be so much better without them!" Well then that's there problem.

Me personally, I've never felt the need to say these things about groups, because what's the point? Would I really let one idol decide on how I view the music quality of an entire group that the make up less than 1/4 of? Sorry, but that's incredibly lame, and four YouTube commenters demanding that Mina, or any idol for that matter, leave a group won't do shit in forcing them out of the group. Too many people fangirl, fanboy, fap to, and love that idol for a company to just kick them out because some koreaboo's in the comments section of a music video demand it, and the same goes for Mina. I honestly hope for more idols to be like Seungyeon and express their views on the stupidity of some people out there.

All in all, I finally see what they were coming across from. People's opinions shouldn't matter over the people you like. Would you stop being best friends with your best friend if some classmates said you shouldn't? Would you love vegetables even though you hate them because it's the trendy thing to do all of a sudden? I guess I'm just starting to truly learn that the opinions of others just shouldn't matter when it comes to happiness, stanning my favorite idols makes me happy.

So Mina if you're reading this, I send my deepest condolences you and your family over the loss of your father. I hope you do well, I will continue to support you and AOA. RIP Mr. Kwon. 

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