Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[Rant] Ugh.

Remember that post cha_cha did for our anniversary? Remember when she marked the day I snapped? Remember how ever since that one day I honestly haven't given a fuck about who disagrees with my opinions on this blog. Will I've snapped again, and I've come to the conclusion that is this: netizens and commenters suck even more ass than I thought.

"But suho_ftw" you may say. "how can netizens and commenters get even more shitty then they already were?" You'll see, trust me, you will. Yes, there are wonderful people out there that think rationally and understand the difference between "This person fucked up" and "No, oppa/unnie/hyung/noona didn't mean it!". But the majority is so plagued and mentally screwed and diseased that it's sickened me even more now than it ever had in my entire life.

What made me snap? Well for first I went on NetizenBuzz for some reason and read up on a horrible murder of a fifteen year old girl who was murdered as sickly as Casey Anthony murdered her daughter by other fifteen year olds and a person in their mid-20's. They got like six-to-nine years in prison (which is the reason for the previous article) which I think is pure bullshit. Of course other people are agreeing but there is still a majority that is thinking that this is enough and "They're just 15 year olds!" 

Basically, they're pulling a HOOBAE DIDN'T MEAN IT!

Yup, the people making those comments are no better than when a delusional k-pop fan's oppa/ unnie or hyung/noona does something stupid and/or fucked up and they say "OPPA/UNNIE/HYUNG/NOONA DIDN'T MEAN IT!" Why? Because the people who murdered this girl did more than fuck up and you're still saying they didn't mean it? They just fucked up? They'e fifteen and easily influenced? No at fifteen you're easily influenced to have kiss and sex with your boyfriend and girlfriend not take a person life you fucktard. Let that have been your kid, would you still say "Hoobae didn't mean it! They were just easily influenced!"? Wow. Just wow. Congratulations there are people worse than netizens and commenters! This goes deeper than defending an idol for saying something stupid, because an actual life was taken and they legitimately think that six years is enough to compensate for murder. 

I'm cleansing my eyes with this video:

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