Monday, November 17, 2014

Oh! And Just a Friendly Reminder That...

This is not a news blog. If you want a news blog I highly recommend Soompi, they're great at getting info out. This is a blog where I post stuff I like, so yeah it's a biased blog, but that's not to say I'll flat out bash a group, be a delusional stan to another group, or approach stuff with an illogical mentality. I'm not going to be dishonest here, I'm not going to claim that I'm unbiased when I'm not (we all know the blogger I'm talking about) so at least you know coming onto here that you're going to get mostly SHINee, F(x), BTS and music video reviews from me. Whatever Cha_Cha feels like blogging about and mostly 2NE1 material from Lee_MiCha along what other stuff we felt like/had time for blogging. If you think this blog sucks or whatever start up your own blog, or email me about how you can make this blog "soooo much better" which will basically be your way of saying "Let me write on this piece of shit blog so that I can make it sooooo much better!" Besides, I want some writers with new ideas. And no, I'm not taking a stab at Cha_Cha or Lee_MiCha because I know they're currently not in the position to blog at the current moment. 


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