Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[MV Review] Topp Dogg - "Annie"

Back the Owwwwlld School? Ohhhhhhhhh yeeeaaahhh!!!!

It appears T-O-Doubly G-Y D-O-Double G-y made a comeback taking the BtoB route of remaking 90's/80's sound, only this time they went full blown 1995 boy band sound here. Topp Dogg are deliberately retro, as they were with the amazing "Arario" that I will play forever. There is little progression through the song, but that's okay. The song has those little "bings" from the 90's which I support 100% and those retro-sounding vocals accompanied by the "Uuuuuuu's." Which I also support. I also like how TD always go for guitar riffs instead of dubstep in their songs. Very smoothy jam sounding but also something I could dance to in a heart beat. Although it is basic approach, it's never boring sounding and its a sound that works for them quite well.

The video is very cool with lots of interesting imagery. There are the TD boys looking hot as usual (with Kidoh *AKA Jin's boo* and Hojoon being standouts in this) in VERY baggy 90's clothing.Along with a Suzy look alike (who's outfit I want) and some trainee dressed as a lion. All of this being filmed in one slow-downward pan camera with bits and pieces of the members doing random things with bunny's and vegetables and also bits of them dancing with records. I like it a lot, it was this sort of randomness of the 1990's music videos that made them so enjoyable. 

My final thoughts are that this a good step for TD, seeing as its getting lots of love in the comments and it will get some love because BTS fans and Topp Dogg fans are linked somewhat because Jin and Kidoh are practically married (excuse my fangirling but they're cute) and we like keeping marriages together. Jin can't be the only one bringing in the Won and Kidoh (and all of TD)  can't bring in Won without the help of fans. "Annie" isn't as awesome as "Arario" but it's still very, very, very good. Who knows, maybe if I listen to it a bit more it may become my new favorite Topp Dogg song.

How.Eh.Ver. There is one problem I have with this release. And it's the same problem I had with BtoB's "Beep Beep." It's the shafting of my favorite member, Xero. Come on Stardom. Common. Look, he's never been the main focus, but they did us Xero fans real bogus here. He get's like three seconds and some dance time. I WANT MOAR XERO NEXT TIME. Don't fail me.

I give the song 4.5/5 (Seriously, I really dig the 90's/80's feel.)
I give the video a 4.5/5 (Video got docked half a mark for lack of Xero.)

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