Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[MV Review] Lovelyz - "Candy Jelly Love"

Song wise I think this is a very pretty song. It's reminiscent to what I think Apink would do if they ever went techno/electronic. I don't think it's anything amazing, however it's definitely not terrible by any means.

The main problem I have with the song is the lack of climax. The opening verse is really good and I was almost sold however the song started to drag out and become unnecessarily long and it sort of bored me the first couple of listens. However as I'm listening to this for the third and fourth time, I'm really starting to enjoy it more. What I like about most about the song is that sounds like something I'd find off of F(x)'s "Pinocchio" album. It has a nice, steady melody with sweet vocals and sounds really refreshing compared to some other songs that have come out this year in k-pop, making Lovelyz stand out amongst other groups which is a good thing.

The video is really good and fits the vibe of the song perfectly. It's a lovely school girl concept but it's not aegyo thrown all over the place and the girls look natural. The scenes with the candy jelly are humorous. As for biases, I like Kei (the one who sings first.)

I give the song 3/5 but it could become a 4/5 with more time, who knows. MV gets a 5/5.

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