Thursday, November 13, 2014

[MV Review] Hello Venus - "Sticky Sticky"

Brave Sound tries to make "Alone" and "Something" #1120093489489532086737.

I'm not all that familiar with Hello Venus, but this was a anticipated comeback so I figured I might as well review it. Who knows I might like it right?

Well for starters, I don't dislike this song in the least. It's very and sexy and has that night club feel. But the thing is, I get that exact same feeling from SISTAR's "Alone" and Girl's Day's "Something." I feel as if Brave Sound just keep rehashing the same type of song over and over again with these less-known groups in the hopes that they will get as popular as SISTAR or Girl's Day.

The thing is, it works. When unknown groups get with Brave Sound they get immensely popular. Even if their songs will never be the same (i.e. 4Minute) and up to the greatness it used to be, it will always have that Brave Sound staple on it that makes you sigh. At the very least, I feel good for Brave Bros. because them and Duble Sidekick have been making bank this year. But at the same time I feel bad for them. I feel that since all of the groups wanted to get popular, their companies went with BB to get them popular. And now that they're popular, they'll eventually go back to their old sound in the hopes that they have a stable enough fanbase to stick with them. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that Brave Sound will be broke throughout 2015.

I feel the same way with sexy concepts. I feel like everyones doing them this year, just to go back to how k-pop was in 2008-2012 just so that more groups can be popular. Similar to how groups did cutesy concepts to get popular (like KARA) and how the badass concept became more popular in 2010-2011 (like SNSD) and now it's sexy. I wonder what the next fad in kpop will be.

You'll notice I haven't written anything about the MV. Mostly because there is nothing to write. Just combine SNSD's "Genie" and Stellar's "Marionette" and you pretty much have this MV, just with more clothes and more color. Thats about it.

Overall this is a decent song from Hello Venus and I'll still play it from time to time, and if it works well for them, more power for them.

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