Sunday, November 16, 2014

[MV Review] Got7 - "Stop Stop It"


I'm going to nip this in the bud before I get asked this in the future. I only review songs on here that I like. I don't find use in reviewing songs I don't like (unless they come from bands I'm a fan of then it's sort of mandatory.) This is why most reviews on here earn a four's and fives out of five. It's not me blindly liking every k-pop song out there (I haven't reviewed every k-pop song in the first place) it's just me reviewing and praising stuff that I like.

Okay, for starters I totally dig this song. I don't mind the auto-tune that much because it's constrained to only being used during the chorus. It's not hopping all over the place in random parts of the song like how auto-tune was used in k-pop back in 2011-2012. However, I will say that there were parts that felt like Got7 were trying to fight there way through the auto-tune, like the auto-tune was too loud and heavy so they had to pump up their voices to be heard over the auto-tune. That's a production error and I'm not sure if it can be easily fixed but it's a bit weird listening to it for first timers.

Overall I like the song a lot. I like it just as much as I like "A" to be honest. I liked "Girls Girls Girls" but it's obvious that A and Stop Stop It are the superior to Got7's singles so far this year. Jackson's rap felt a little forced at first but it gets more enjoyable the more I listen to the song. I think Mark definitely improved on his rapping and BamBam certainly did. As for the vocals, it's obvious that JB and Youngjae are standouts in Got7 vocally and always will, but one person that really stood out vocally was Yugyeom (happy birthday by the way.) Seriously, he sounds really great here. I didn't know he had it in him considering he got like five lines in GsGsGs and only a few in A. JB is good as always here too but I barely recognized him!

Onto the MV, it's basically "Inception: Got7-Crush Edition." You have the freaky dream sequences and then he falls back into reality then back into the freaky dream sequences. It's all very bizarre, and it doesn't help that this is a futuristic video disguised as a 1990's boy band video. The overall theme of the video seems to be Future Mixed With 90's, but the song sounds like that too with the overall old-school feel of the song but the robotic voice being used during the chorus, so I guess it works in this scenario. Still, why does the girl act flirtatious with JB when people around, and then when she's alone with him he looks pissed? That really bugged the shit out of me. At least her and JB are cute.

If I had to take a shot at anything in the video besides the mixed feelings it would be the choreography. Come on JYP, come on! Got7 are talented at choreography (see "Around the World") but nothing really exceptional is done here, at least from what I've seen. It's not bad dancing by any means, but they could have done so much more with it.

Nothing else to really complain about, all of the boys looked hot in this and the set designs were pretty cool. Some of the fashion choices had me raise my eyebrows a bit but that's pretty much a norm in k-pop.

I give the song a 5/5 wtf overalls

I give the video a 4/5 flying cars (gets docked a mark for the flawed plot and lost chance at really cool choreography) 

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