Thursday, November 20, 2014

[MV Review] GD X Taeyang - "Good Boy"

As a big time GD fan, I have to say that 2013 wasn't his best year. 2009 and 2012 were great years for GD. Taeyang's "Eyes Nose Lips" has potential to be a great ballad but fell short for it's painfully slow vibe and the insertion of a trap beat. A freaking trap beat in a ballad. LOL. However, "Good Boy" makes up for it.

"Good Boy" is exactly what I was expecting from GD last year and adding Taeyang made it better. It comes close to the glory that was "Crayon." GD is meant to be cooky, crazy, and fun with fashion choices that will make you scratch your head but it's GD so you dismiss it because it's just him. He wasn't really cut out for the dark and depressing vibe of his songs from last year minus "Michi Go", however the symbolism and message of those songs ARE appreciated and I do think that it was a good experiment for GD artistically.  However this is the GD I'm looking for. The pseudo-gangster GD, the crazy GD, the "Wtf is he wearing?" GD. We get that here with GD decked out in glow in the dark braids and funky clothing that we want from him.

As for the collaboration, it's what you'd expect from a collaboration of these two. It's GD + Taeyang. You'll get GD's comical rapping and Taeyang's nice vocals and him being sexy along with a lot of bright colors and the two being GD and Taeyang together. What I like about the song the most, is that this is them returning to their roots while also moving forward. This really does remind me of "Crayon" and thank God they went for a more house feel vs. inserting trap beats all over the place. As for the MV, just take "Ringa Linga" and mash it with the party scenes from "Crayon." If there is trap, it's minimal which is better than having blast all over the fucking place. This song is honestly a jam for me, and an apology for the rathe semi-meh styles they had tried in 2013. Apology accepted GD and Taeyang.

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