Thursday, November 13, 2014

[MV Review] AOA - "Walk Softly Like a Cat"

Brave Sound flukes a unique sounding song! 

I like it when Brave Sound collaborates with AOA, I feel as if his songs have a little bit more effort in them when he's with AOA. For instance, sure Hello Venus's "Sticky Sticky" is nice but "Short Hair" is great. I feel like his overall sultry vibes for his works are heightened when he's with AOA.

But this is like when he did BESTie's "Love Options". If he hadn't said his name in the beginning of the song, I never would have guessed it was a Brave Sound production. I'm serious, it doesn't have that signature sound we get from him (beside JYPing in the beginning of every single one of his songs.) The song has this acoustic guitar-ry, bumpy, sort of punchy sound to it that still remains really sexy sounding. Overall a really well done song, I like Jimin's meows too, even if it does sound  bit silly.

The video is good as well, however I really feel like they missed an opportunity. Catwoman is one of the most popular comic book characters out there, I really feel that they could have played the theme of Batman up more, or maybe even have a scene similar to the one in the Batman 2 film. Now THAT's a music video. But that's not to say that this MV is bad. It's a very cool music video, especially in the way that it's shot and the fashion choices made here are great! It has lots of cool angels in it and of course the girls look great as well. Some parts confuse me, like that parts when Choa and Mina are using their phones and playing some video game app, I don't get those at all. I found myself scratching my head at those parts. I kind of wish they were going for money instead of a diamond, but then again that goes with the Catwoman theme.

Overall I really enjoyed this comeback. AOA returned with a good song and a nicely done video to accommodate with it. What more can you say but, meow?

I give the song 5/5 Cat Suits

I give the video 4.5/5 Meows

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