Sunday, November 9, 2014

Let's Debunk This

I have already expressed my dislike for the people who release opinions on Unpopular K-Pop Opinions because I see those opinions in YouTube comments and Netizen boards. They make me loose brain cells, but this popped up, and it made me lol. The complete lack of understanding why BTS and Block B has fans from this opinioner is pretty funny.

If there is one thing AKF has taught me, is that if you like a group that is unpopular or has a lot of haters, the amount of hate thrown at you for liking them will come. I love BTS and I'm a Block B fan as well. I liked Zico's mix tape even though I still think "Tough Cookie" fucking sucks. I like their songs, they remind me a lot of Big Bang which is a good thing. So yeah, Block B aren't anything too "deep" however they do put at least some effort into their art.

BTS are one of those groups I actually would give the "deep" and "meaningful" tags too because their lyrics were different and NOT about love (pre-2014 talking) and the fact that their songs actually had some sort of effort into making the hip-hop theme listenable (along with BAP of course) blew me away. 

Fans who defend groups like BTS and Block B aren't anti-sex in hip-hop music. Some of my favorite hip-hop songs have been about sex for Christ sake. However, when every single fucking song on the radio and an album is about sex, drugs, how rich you are, what car you drive, how many bitches you get and on top of that the actual instrumental/backtracking of the song is fucking horrible then yeah if you discover BTS or Block B you'll want to defend them. Rapping about that stuff isn't bad but fuck make it relatable at least! I'm cool with a few sex songs as long as it's not everything you release and the music still stays good. I like "Hormone War" because it was different and funny for BTS but still suited their image (it really isn't even about sex tbh) and the actual backtracking was good. If BTS released Hormone War 50,000 times then I would be over their music real fast. 

Hip-Hop music in the 90's wasn't always about sex, and sex was never really taken as a SUPER serious topic to rap on but rappers still rapped about. Rap in the 90's focused on more political and controversial messages (similar to BTS.) However then the game changed in the 2000's and everything became about money, bitches, sex, and whatever else they could think of whilst on the toilet. And on top of that, it didn't make the actual music better, it made it worse. And on top of that, rappers who couldn't even rap were making it big! What a slap in the face. So rap and hip-hop fans who discovered BTS and Block B felt like they had been saved from ever having to listen to the likes of [insert nu-school rapper here] again! They were fucking God sends. At least main-stream anyway (yes we do listen to underground artist as well. We can like more than two artist you know?). Kendrick Lamar getting popular on a mainstream level was the best thing that happened to American rap music the past three years. So yeah, sorry I'd rather listen to "No More Dream" then 2Chainz. Not that there's anything wrong with you liking 2Chainz because music is music.

I don't mean to come off delulu or anything, so excuse me if I do. However I'm as sick as T-ara fans of people missing the point as to why certain groups are liked for specific reasons. 

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