Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jolin Tsai - "Play"

Jolin Tsai's been on my radar since AKF linked her song, "Fantasy" when he reviewed GP Basic's shit song. I found that it really did cleanse my eyes and ears and she released "Phony Queen" and "Now is the Time." Both songs I really  liked but "Play" takes to cake musically and video wise.

"Play" is just a boss song all around. In fact, this is what I expected 2NE1 to release earlier this year. It exudes confidence and has an addictiveness to it. The video is also hilarious with Jolin doing tuns of wacky and fun things and if you're a fanboy, there is tones to ogle at.  However I still think "Now is the Time" is a better video in the epic-ness aspects of it. I don't see where the plagiarism comes from, I can see why people would see similarities, but common now. TTS didn't invent glamorous videos, get over it SONEs. 

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