Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is Wendy Racist Or Did She Just Make a Stupid Mistake?

Okay so look, I've blogged about racism here and there. Racism happens, however one thing one has to realize is that when talking about racism, you attack the argument or what they did, not the person themselves. Wendy Impersonated Whites and Blacks...Of America (NOT Canada btw) and it's catching some fire. It's easy to say "Wendy's a fucking racist that should die!" but that's probably inaccurate and it also gets nowhere. However saying "What Wendy DID was racist." Well that's another issue that can be discussed much better and in a nice rational way. Wendy isn't the first k-pop idol to do this, not even within 2014, however it's time we discussed the difference between a racist being racist, and someone unintentionally being racist and how we can grow from this and hopefully not make the same mistake.

What did Wendy do wrong? Well for starters she's from Canada and impersonating whites from America. More specific Californian whites. She does a valley girl accent that I'm pretty sure doesn't exist in the absolutely NOT Californian country, that is Canada. Which I will be visiting in the Spring in the hopes of checking out the University of Toronto's campus. She also impersonates blacks, and as a black person speaking, yeah it's pretty bad. And yes, I think she should have known better.

Now what did Wendy do? Well she isn't full blown UCLA Girl however it's still the same scenario. However while the UCLA Girl was coming off pretty racist, Wendy isn't trying to be racist here. I'm pulling a "Unnie didn't mean it!" because if she didn't mean it, then she wouldn't have done it. However she didn't attempt to come off racist, however that doesn't take away the fact that the act she did was racist.

So you guy's may be asking (while cracking your knuckles waiting for me to respond "yes" so you can start up your "Wendy is Racist" forums), "Well suho_ftw, if the act she did was racist doesn't that make her a racist?" No. Wendy doesn't want to offend whites and blacks. Wendy wasn't trying to offend anybody. She was asked to do impersonations as a Korean-Canadian on the people of the two major races, and well this happened. Instead of getting a cool Canadian accent, we get poorly done American stereotypes. Is what Wendy did stupid? Yes. Did Wendy make a stupid mistake? Yes. But should you bash the girl and petition her disbandment from Red Velvet? No. At the end of the day she doesn't want to harmed or offend anybody and if she were legitimately racist, well she would have blasted her twitter with a bunch of tweets calling for the genocide of black people. But you know, I'm not naming names. 

With that said it appears people are really delusional in the sense that they either really hate Wendy or they pulled an "Unnie didn't mean it! She was just acting!" And yeah, don't play for either team. Wendy is not a racist. What Wendy did was. 

Final words are that some people may come this post thinking that I tolerate racism, that is a  HUGE lie. I don't tolerate racism one bit and I will not hesitate to put a person in their place when the situation calls for it because majority of the rational people in this world are sick of the shit and I'm one of them. However, I can distinguish between an actual racist, and person who made a stupid mistake.

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