Sunday, November 16, 2014


I feel bad for NB because she has Netizen's hating on Netizens. 

Okay, do I think that these groups/idols should get hate for these types of things? No. Most of the time they don't pick what they wear/or forced to wear it. Do I think that whoever is responsible should be put on blast for it? Yes. Why? Because if you have enough knowledge to know of what you're putting on them then you should at least know what the fuck you're representing. Google-ing isn't that hard.

Take this for example, my aunt works at a hospital where a lot of people from different countries work as well. A lot of them are from Middle Eastern countries and places like India. She said one of her co-workers wives had just come from one of those countries and when she heard that he worked around black people she said "Oh you mean, niggers." Her husband had to then explain to the rest of the workers that over their country, calling black people "niggers" is normal (because of ignorant propaganda) but he also snapped at her because she had to know that calling black people that over here is unacceptable and highly offensive. Now of course her using the word was a bit excusable because she didn't know the history of the word and why it's offensive, but if she were to use in the future, knowing that it's offensive, then that would be unacceptable because she now knows better.

The person who put the Confederate Flag on Zico should have at least known "Hey this looks cool but let me look this up so I know I'm not mis-representing Zico knowing all of his international fans, I should at least know that he isn't sending a big FUCK YOU to them?"

But apparently the people above insist on making Korea, and the rest of the world look like retards who don't know how to think and were born yesterday. Hello! Newsflash, Korean is pretty smart country, I think they know how to research stuff considering their way ahead of majority of the world in terms of education and technology.

As for the Pritz girls well, what can I say other than the company was being a total dumbass and they shouldn't put their idols out there like that. Come on, you do realize no matter how much you take the blame for it, there will be people who will still hate Pritz right? 

The people above are no better or worse than the people who go "Oppa/Unnie/Hyung/Noona didn't mean it!" This is basically the equivalent to "Oppa didn't mean to smoke weed!" Right, so the weed just mysteriously fell into his mouth and it puffed itself right?

"The coordi-noona didn't mean for Zico's confederate flag to come off racist! She probably didn't know!" Right, the confederate flag just grew legs and hopped up onto Zico's arm by itself. No knowledge of the confederate flag was used in this sense right? 

Same logic, same stupidity.

And what's worse is that the companies say "We had no knowledge that this would create controversy!" That's a whole big bucket of stinky bullshit. Just say "We are deeply sorry and this type of thing won't happen again" because "Sorry we're ignorant" doesn't do it for people when they realize you're a fucking entertainment company, knowing of k-pops international popularity and should, at the very least, know better. (I know Kpopalypse, it won't take "the world by storm" but it's still popular.) 

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