Saturday, November 1, 2014

I Feel Bad for Taeyeon Part 2


It appears k-pop fans forget what company SNSD come from. Do you really think SME would let Taeyeon be in control of SNSD's entire outcome? Taeyeon may be the leader of Girls' Generation, but just because she was given the "leader" title doesn't mean she literally "leads" SNSD. Taeyeon does not make important musical decisions for the group, Taeyeon doesn't make executive decisions for the group. Hell, Taeyeon can't even decide what she's going to wear for the next fanmeet let alone decide which member gets the boot in SNSD. Sure Jessica's statement would have said otherwise, but at the same time who in the hell can we believe in this situation? As an SNSD fan, I am astounded at how stupid SONEs are acting, and as a Taeyeon fan I have learned to just roll my eyes at the retards that pollute this fandome because they legitimately think that just because Taeyeon isn't super girly BFF close with one of the members then she automatically hates them.

News flash, there is a strong probability that only 50% of SNSD get along and the rest hate each other. Could they all get along on a business level? Sure, but as sisters? It can happen but there probably is that one group that just can't get along with the other half of the group. It happens, it's no better or worse than school or work. 

Taeyeon's job is to sing, look good, and act like she gives a fuck on camera. And let's just face it, when the world hates you, it's hard to act like you give a fuck about people when they will bash you no matter what. Her job isn't to schedule SNSD, decide which songs go on albums, and make decisions on the members themselves. SME doesn't care how much she "hates" Jessica. Jessica was one of the most popular, if not THE most popular in the member. Do you really think they would let Taeyeon being bitter towards Jessica risk them a shit tone of money? This is S motherfucking M Entertainment we're talking about. Money talks and bitter jealousy walks. Obviously something deeper went down that made Jessica leave, her statement was all over the place. I don't believe anybody tbh. I wish the best for both sides.

I feel bad for Taeyeon, and at the same time, I admire her for putting up with so much bullshit. In the future I may be called a fake SONE because she's still my SNSD bias and my #1 female bias in all of k-pop (from groups and despite F(x) being my favorite girl group overall)  but quite frankly, I don't care. Call me a fake SONE, call me a bitch, call me whatever. At the end of the day, you bashing Taeyeon won't make Jessica come back to SNSD.

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