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F(x) - "Pink Tape" and "Red Light" Albums: A Side By Side Comparison

This is not an argument over rather or not Pink Tape is better than Red Light and vice versa, because let's face it, there is no clear winner. I still stand on my opinion that RD is just as good, if not better (haven't decided) than PT. They're both really good albums and I recommend any music fan (more specifically a fan of weird pop) give them both a listen, even if they may not like the execution or the final product. There's a reason why a lot of k-poppers name PT and now even RD as one of their favorite, if not their absolute favorite, k-pop album. They're just that good. 

While listening to the PT and RD albums (and I've listened to them A LOT) I've noticed that SM tried to copy the pattern they did for PT with the RD album, and it definitely worked. I'm not saying the albums are carbon copies of each other at all, this is just something fun I thought of exploring especially since it comes from my favorite girl group and two of my favorite albums of all times. This will also be a chance for me to get out a semi-proper review of the albums while remaining short. If you like F(x) and think they're great and that their albums are great as well, then you'll enjoy this article just fine. If not, well you can either read it anyway so you can see if F(x) appeals to you.

The Title Tracks

Pink Tapes title track was the great "Rum Pum Pum Pum" and Red Light's title track is the amazing "Red Light". While I totally love both, "Red Light" is the superior in my opinion. However it's clear to see what SM was doing for both of these. When "Rum Pum Pum Pum" came out last year, a lot of people called it "meh" and their weakest title track in a while. However fast forward a few months and people totally loved it. Even though people still thought it was weak compared to other songs on the album, they were still putting RPPP on their end-of-the-year favorites. The same is happening with "Red Light". Although RD is definitely more on the edgier and grittier side, everyone is talking about how it's grown on them so much in the past few months and so on and so forth. When RD came out, it did get an All-Kill and RPPP did win #1 on Inkigayo to my knowledge before EXO came out with "Growl" that next week and dominated the charts for the rest of the year. However there was still a lot of dislike and hate thrown at these songs that is now being replaced with love and admiration. 

The Softer Promotional Single 
("Shadow" and "Milk")

When both title tracks came out, a lot of love was centered around either A. "Shadow" if it was PT or B. "Milk" if you're talking about RD. No real explanation here. Both have great eerie and experimental vibes to them making them incredibly easy on the ears. Both are also the second track on their albums.

The "Hard" Track 
("Pretty Girl" and "Rainbow")

What these two tracks do is take everything F(x) has to offer, and throw into a hype-produced try-hard mess extreme and it's lovely. 

The Dream Track 
("Kick" and "Butterfly")

I know what you're thinking "Suho_ftw! These songs are nothing alike!" Just wait a second. While they definitely sound different, they both gave me a similar feeling. They both remind me of dreams. "Butterfly" is that soothing and stable dream that you're relaxed and happy to be in, practically floating on Cloud 9. "Kick", on the other hand reminds me of one of those crazy dreams where shit is constantly being thrown at you and you're hopping from one dream world to the next. 

The 80's Disco Track 
("Signal" and "All Night")

Really don't have to say much for either. Both scream 80's. Both scream disco. Both scream dance. Both are great. Same idea being applied to both really.

The Pure Dance Track 
("Step" and "Boom Bang Boom")

Both of these songs exist to make make you get up and dance your ass off. Both have a sort of weird and experimental sound that is both extreme and addictive.

The Crack Track 
("Toy" and "Spit it Out")

Good God F(x) and their music producers must have snorted something before they started on this track. Hint: it rhymes with "sack." I'm not saying that's a bad thing since the songs are both good and cool as fuck. But Jesus, lay off the Angel Dust for a while, you don't want to wind up like Smokey from "Friday."

The Different Genre Track 
("No More" and "Vacance")

Both of these tracks are completely different sounds from their other album counterparts. "No More" is a 50's/60's doo-wop song that I would love to show my grandmother, and "Vacance" is a 70's/ more 80's rock song that I would love to show my father. Both are great adaptions to the genre. 

The Actually Good Ballads! 
("Goodbye Summer" and "Paper Heart")

Unique and creative sounding ballads? No way!

The Track EVERYONE Obsesses Over ("Airplane" and "Dracula")

EVERYONE is in love with "Airplane" and "Dracula." And for good reason, you could have made them the title tracks and they would have done just as good as the original title tracks. I really wanted F(x) to have a repackage for RD with Dracula and cater to the Halloween season, but that doesn't take away the fact it's a totally cool song. And "Airplane", just kicks all sorts of ass. 

The Other Two from Pink Tape ("Snapshot" and "Ending Page")

Pink Tape is longer then Red Light by a track, so there is one more RD song after this however these are both two of the best Pink Tape has to offer, it's just nothing to compare it to in terms of RD. Give em' a listen either way, both are great. "Snapshot" is a jazz-pop song and "Ending Page" is a rock-meets-ballad-meets-r&b Rihanna esc. song.

The Other One from Red Light 
("Summer Lover")

This whimsical number was written by the member, Amber (she also wrote "Goodbye Summer.) Again, nothing wrong with it just nothing to compare it to Pink Tape with.

Final Verdict: The Pink Tape (we could also call the the Pinocchio*their first album* fomurla but there aint no way I'm linking like 35 videos) formula works extremely well. While both albums obviously have their similarities, they both have their own distinctive sound and personality. Pink Tape is obviously the more softer and sweeter side, and Red Light is the edgier and cooler version. Both in my opinion are worth a good listen (or 1,000). 

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