Friday, November 21, 2014

Female Visuals: Seung-Yeon (KARA) Fancams

Switching out the "fanservice" with "visuals" even though its the same thing, this is basically the something as "Female Fanservice." Every now and then cha_cha and I will post up female and male "visuals." The female in speaking today is Han Seungyeon of KARA, a girl who gets a lot of love on this site. Even though Hara is my KARA bias and Taeyeon is my ultimate female bias, I still think Seungyeon is the most attractive female in k-pop with her distinguishable hammie look and powerful thighs that are so rare in k-pop. After all, who doesn't love hamsters?

Up next will be male, but ladies first everyone! This is just a bunch of quality Seungyeon fancams I found enjoy!

Have a good night!

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