Sunday, November 23, 2014

[Update] Fappers Help Hani Which Helps EXID

It was recently reported that the following Hani fancam for the latest jam "Up and Down" reached 1 million views. A fancam reached 1 million views!!!!

Okay, so a lot of people find Hani hot. But oh no guess what else is happening?

EXID's "Up and Down" is now gaining attention on charts. It came out three months ago by the way. We EXID fans can be hipsters in the future and say "I liked Up and Down BEFORE the Hani fancam!"

It was #28 on Melon on the 20th, #20 on Melon on the 21'st and now it's #9 on Melon today! Fappers don't want EXID to flop and disband so they're giving "Up and Down" attention in the hopes of boosting their chart performances in the hopes of boosting their careers so that they can have more Hani fancams to fap too. It's a science. 

Well I guess you can call Hani the Youngji of EXID. 

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  1. I'll watch Moonkyu fancams in the hopes of it going viral and sparking HOTSHOT's popularity to test the theory...For science of course! lol

    Welcome back!