Friday, November 21, 2014

Diamonds? Yeah, right.

So, we all know about EXO's shit year with Kris and Luhan leaving. Even though they had a super successful year in 2013, we can all agree 2014 was sad for them. 'Overdose' was the last album that you'll ever hear and/or see OT12 together. We got some hope when a Korean media outlet stated that EXO would be having a comeback in January but that was all crushed (no more dream for y'all, EXO-Ls) when SM Entertainment denied it the same day. But they are confirmed to having a comeback in 2015, though the date is not yet set.

Before all of these reports of them having a comeback, a month prior to be exact, we see Tao on Instagram. The picture was of a Cartier bracelet with ten diamonds and the caption (translated) was as follows under the jump.

"Ten diamonds. I hope the remaining ten members continue to stick together like [the diamonds] in this bracelet, without having to miss another one. Also, kindly watch 'Laws of the Jungle'."

Even though we all wish for EXO to be as strong as they were when they debuted, Tao's use of metaphor could've been different. Diamonds don't necessarily last forever. Diamonds aren't forever.

Tao is like that one white chick we all know. Always looking at deep, meaningful quotes (and maybe spending a tad too much time on 'We Heart It'). He is essentially a white girl trapped in an Asian man's body, trying to break free. But we love him regardless. So maybe he should've said that the rest of the EXO members should be like velcro.  Always together. Unless they were ripped apart but screw that.

But what if he was referring to Rihanna? Shine bright like a diamond? Stars shine bright. Galaxies contain stars. Galaxies contain planets. Exoplanet. Maybe he was implying something. We can't be too sure if he got that quote from a twelvie either. But I sure hope EXO can remain strong and promote healthily.

P.S. Yo. I'm sugafreepotato, the latest addition to GOK. <3


  1. I always saw Tao as a woman in a mans body lol.

  2. Welcome sugafreepotato! I'm cha_cha!

    Well, we already have something in common, Yoongi's my bias in BTS too!!!

    1. Hey!