Sunday, November 30, 2014

BoA Talks About Her Hardships as a Celebrity and Netizens Feel the Need to Bitch

I saw the article on NB about a week ago but didn't read it because it was around the time that I rage quoted that blog for the moment. I was looking at Asian Junkie, read this, and well, guess who wants to add their two cents right? If netizens have to add their 50,000 cents as well as snatch away a good amount of my brain cells well I should have a right to whack them back into reality.

My thoughts are the following: I'm convinced that netizens just love to talk, whine, and bitch. Anyone who's been into k-pop for a while probably knows this, but for those of you who are new, netizens are people you don't want to be like.

BoA never once said that she has had it harder then you, your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, other celebrities, ect. ect. She was just simply stating that she, like everyone else, has hardships. If anything they should feel some sort of empathy her because she's being relatable. A common thing I hear these netizens complain about is how un-relatable these idols are, but when they come out and talk about something relatable, like struggles, everyone feels the need to basically call them spoiled brats and should be grateful for what they have.


Given the circumstances that comes with being an idol, your parents probably makes more than an average k-pop idol. It shouldn't come to a shock that most idols don't make too much of anything off their music when the resources are right in your fucking faces. Most idols make bank off of endorsements, which is why idols like Suzy and Yoona can practically laugh to the bank. Even AOA, who have been one of the biggest groups this year admitted that they've made zero bucks sine their debut. I don't necessarily feel major pity for the idols that decide to do this, because most of them figure out how to get money by doing other projects, but I don't shit on them for feeling stress because they're fucking human.

I feel bad for BoA, she's been hated on all year for stuff that was petty even for netizens. She made it possible for your faves to even have a dream of setting foot in the music industry of Japan, and all you've done is probably made her regret it.

Bonus performance for any of you other BoA fans:

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