Sunday, November 30, 2014

Birth of a Beauty Episodes 5-9 Review

I apologize for delaying the review of these episodes, as I have been busy. But I will make it up to you now with my review on episodes 5-9. The plot thickens quite a bit in these episodes, and I'm starting to love how it turns out.

Episode 5 - This episode has a lot more drama in it then the romantic comedy. Sara/Geum Ran's mother finds out about him and Chae Yun and how he had been a big cheater, her and Geum Ran's friend crash the wedding but get put out. We get to see that Tae Hee's grandmother is looking for him, so that Min Hyuk and his mother won't take over Winner Company, all while Tae Hee is avoiding her because of the trauma the accident put him through. Meanwhile Sara and Tae Hee start to fuck up Kang Joon and Chae Yun's marriage and Tae Hee starts to notice his love for Sara. It's a big episode, and it's definitely one of my faves. 

Episode 6 - In this episode Tae Hee gets an emotion test or something to see if he has love for Sara. We also get a peak at Winner Group's secrets as well as why Tae Hee's grandmother doesn't like "Assistant Son." Sara goes in as a temptress determined to divorce Kang Joon and Chae Yun in three weeks, Kang Joon takes the bait while Chae Yun is frightened. Sara gives her mother and her friend some juice on Kang Joon and show it at his business meeting with the help of Tae Hee and Sara. We get some funny stuff from Kang Joon's family as well. Overall a nicely done episode.

Episode 7 - The episode was fucking badass. What Sara learns here is really heartbreaking and the way she handles it is quite head turning. Han Ye Seul's performance throughout the episode is quite believable and I think she's doing really well with this character. Tae Hee also learns the truth about Chae Yun, Kang Joon becomes an even bigger dick, and Min Hyuk is planning on rolling some underground shit that gives a whole new meaning to cooperate dick-head. I like his character more than Kang Joon's, because of his back-story  I can feel sympathy for him which makes him a more interesting and human villain. The actor who plays him is also very good. 

Episode 8 - So much shit goes down in this episode I spoil it. Your best bet is to just go watch it.

Episode 9 - This episode a lot of stuff goes down as well. But here's what works, I like the motivations behind Sara and Tae Hee's evil scheme to bring them down, because the villains get more and more despicable with each episode. I enjoy the chemistry between the two leads because it's strong and believable chemistry. A bit off topic but Joo Sang Wook is hot. 

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