Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Birth of a Beauty Ep.2 Review

I continued watching "Birth of a Beauty" through Soompi, and I must say the second episode doesn't disappoint.

While the second episode doesn't live up to the greatness of the first, it isn't bad or mediocre. We get more details into the plot and learn more about the characters as they develop into more complex characters. While the first episode thrived off of emotion, it thrives a bit more from comical stand points of the story. We still get the emotional aspects of the story, but as stated this is a bit more of a light-hearted episode.

It's easy to see where Sara stands in this, she's now "pretty" and sees her husband. She wants him back, so the plan folds a bit so that she can get her husband and Tae-hee can get Chae-Yeon. We still get the bits of men fawning over her, as much as more serious scenes like where she's remembering when she went back to her in-laws house to find Kang-Joon and Chae-Yeon happy and in love. 

Based off of the previews towards the end of the episode, it appears we'll get a more emotional and dramatic portions in the third episode which will premiere some time over the weekend. This drama seems very promising, and I still think the acting is quite nice. Overall, I'm looking forward to how the rest of the drama will unfold, and as usual, I'm always up for more Ye Seul. 

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