Sunday, November 2, 2014

Birth of a Beauty Ep.1 Review

With the death of Lee Joon's career as an idol in the hopes of being born again as an actor, and the rebirth of my favorite Korean actress's acting career, Han Ye Seul it only makes sense that I do some sort of mini review on her latest drama.

For starters:

HAN YE SEUL IS BACK AFTER 3 YEARS!!!! Seriously, the whole reflection period thing was kind of lame. 

Secondly, so far I like the drama. I really got invested emotionally into the main character. I try to keep the whole "I'm fat" thing as minimal as possible on this blog because, this is a blog about k-pop, not about me being fat and my inner turmoils as an overweight person. Hell, to some people I'm not even considered fat so they would probably take this as a joke.

But anyway the emotion in the drama pulled off by both Ye Seul and the actress that plays Sa Geum-Ran (she's unlisted) I think was really good, and the drama comes off raw in a sense in how overweight people are treated. I can't tell how many times I've gotten the "cold shoulder" from people but when someone smaller breaks a finger nail then the world is about to end. And honestly, I'm pleased that a drama of all things depicts this with no sort of set back or sugar coating.

The side characters are nice too, you get some good bits from each character and her ex-husband and the affair really make you want to hate them, meaning they're playing their roles really well. The plastic surgeon, Tae-hee also is good as well, and offers some comical relief imo. 

As the end of the first Ep. goes, I like the plot. However the whole "now that you're beautiful, make him fall for you and then smash his heart" thing is a bit too cliche. I expected her to go in and ruin his career, or attack him directly Cruel Intentions style, but I'm not complaining about what I get. Overall I'm happy that Ye Seul is starring in a drama, and I think it's quite worth a look.

For those of you wondering, I watched the first episode on Soompi.

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