Tuesday, November 25, 2014

BAP Should Really Go Back to Metal/Hip-Hop

See the beauty of the above video? Do you hear the power exerted through the members? Do you hear the amazing beat? Do you hear the amazing guitars? I've been a fan of BAP since their debut and I can tell you one thing, this is their bread-and-butter. Big Bang were sort of like BAP, but BAP really made the hip-hop thing popular. It seems after them, all of these hip-hop groups started debuting, with the only standouts being Bangtan and now HOTSHOT because they were able to take the BAP formula and twist into something their own. BAP are, in some cases, trend setters and my stance on them being the best male rookies of 2012 still stand tall and clear.

Their slow jams like "Rain Sound" and "Coffee Shop" are appreciated as well as the mind numbingly cheesy "Stop It", and it's nice to get them every now and again as a treat because it shows that they are experimenting which is good. But at the same time, when you get too many soft songs like "Angel" which is my least favorite title track from them, and then "Where Are You? What Are You Doing?" which I thought was good, it can get old too fast. 

I say this in the hopes that BAP will have a better comeback in 2015. Something similar to "No Mercy", "Warrior", "Power", "One Shot", "Hurricane" or "Badman" which are excellent. I mean, the absolute awesomeness executed throughout the song was so mind-blowingly cool to me back when I first got into BAP. They aren't a bad group by any means, because their first album was decent in my opinion, but lets just face it  BAP is at their best when they're aggressive and being badass. Being good boys every now and then is good, but, like CL, when you're at your best when you're bad then you should light it up like you don't care and let em' know how it feels damn good to be bad. Let me know how it feels damn good to be bad BAP. Please. I'm begging you!

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