Thursday, November 20, 2014

[Album Review] Lovelyz - Vol. 1 "Girls' Invasion"

Miju, Babysoul, JIN, Soojung, Jiae, Jisoo, Kei, and Yein

BTS's Dark&Wild album review has been in the drafts for a while, mostly because I wanted to review another album before I posted theirs. Lovelyz is worthy of this album review in my opinion because their debut album is pretty damn great. At first I had my doubts on them, because they had that j-idol look which isn't bad if you love j-pop, but I really only enjoy Perfume and Capsul's music. However their music is like a twist on j-pop (at least their more electronic numbers) and it's a good twist. And yes, this will be relatively short.

Here's an unboxing:

Album Track-listing:

01. "Introducing the Candy"
02. "Candy Jelly Love"
03. "Goodnight, Like Yesterday"
04. "Good-bye" (Chapter 1)
05. "Getaway/Secret Journey"
06. "Stranger" (Between the Inferior Male) Feat. Wheesung (Babysoul Solo)
07. "She's a Flirt" Feat. Dongwoon of Infinite (Babysoul and Kei)
08. "Delight" (Yoo Ji-Ae Solo)
09. "Gone" (Not Only You) (JIN Solo)


Basically "Candy Jelly Love" changed a bit and half the time.


I already did a review for CJL. It's a nice, sugary pop tune that has a simplistic approach that will grow on you like the mother effing plague that will have you humming and singing it and wanting to eat those gel candies they had in the music video. Basically, and a F(x) mixed with Apink sound.


I like this ballad mostly because it's not the typical long, drawn out and boring ballads we get in k-pop. It's upbeat with nice soft and whispy vocals. Like CJL it takes a fairly simplistic approach progression wise, but like with CJL that plays to the songs strengths rather than against them.


This reminds me a lot of what the j-pop group Capsule would put out what improves it is removing the creepy voices that  j-pop uses and slightly better production. It has more interest to it that CJL but still remains sounding girly and cute. It's overall a very enjoyable track.


One of my favorite tracks off of the album. It has that cool techno j-pop sound it (you'll hear j-pop a lot in this review.) It's a fun dance track that has a slight F(x) feel to it. The chorus is fantastic and worthy of many listens.


This is the second ballad the album has to offer. While I don't think it's as much as I like  "Goodnight, Like Yesterday", it's not bad. It has some actual progression with some nice musical layering of different instruments and the vocals given by Wheesung and Babysoul are quite great.


Taking a break from the very pop tracks, we get a nice R&B tune. I like it, it's not anything amazing but it is 100% listenable and a true grower. Babysoul and Kei's voices go well together in a very sweet blend. I do think Dongwoo's voice should have been a bit lower (like lowering his voice not his tone) to match the mellow vibe of the song but it's not anything major and it doesn't prevent the song from being good. It's overall a nice track for the album and somewhat special.


We get another Capsule esc. track and this time the vocals are provided by member Ji-Ae. The production is great on this one, it has this mellow and dreamy feel that goes well with Ji-Ae's IU-ish voice. I like how it picks up towards the end adding to the songs eerie effect. It's one of the great gems on the album thats definitely worth a good amount of listens.


This song was released last year by JIN with that video of SeXiumin and the blind girl with the very sad ending. This is as good as "Goodnight, Like Yesterday" because of the overall feeling of the ballad is unique sounding. It has an interesting instrument but it doesn't sound overly sad and all gloom and doom, but it's not upbeat either, giving the ballad a rather neutral look on it for me. The violin solo towards the end it sounds like something from a Sailor Moon soundtrack just a bit watered down but I think that ads to the pretty sound of the song. JIN's voice is nice and I like how she keeps her vocals contained and in tune because a belt really wouldn't be needed, it is complete just the way it is.

This is one of my favorite k-pop albums to date here. I almost had the same feeling listening to this as I did when I listened to F(x)'s "Pink Tape" album for the first time. Not a single song bored me, and not a single song was bad. Lovelyz are a highlight of 2014 well as one of my favorite rookies of the year. I can see big things for them in the future if they keep releasing quality albums like this.

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