Sunday, November 16, 2014

12 Things Netizens Can Do So They Can Stop The Drop in Brain Cells Amongst Blog Readers Using Taeyeon's Recent Instagram Fiasco

Taeyeon is basically turning into the T-ara of SNSD these days, because netizens can't seem to shut the fuck up about whatever she does.

Instead of pointing out what's wrong with these comments, I'll point out some ways that they can stop being fucktards and improve their life. Of course you can remove Taeyeon and put any idol or celebrity here that has ever gotten stupid hate.

1. Stop reading into shit that doesn't need to be read into.

2. Tell your friend to shut the fuck up about your eyelid surgery

3. Get a boyfriend that doesn't care if you did have eye surgery

4. Learn the actual meaning of damage control

5. Get better friends

6. Become a member of soshi before judging other soshi members

7. Actually meet her then judge her friendship qualities

8. Don't go around people that "talk like that"

9. When you do sneaky shit and get caught, it gets brought up. Deal with it.*

10. Don't judge a person by a dumbass instagram comment. It's a fucking instagram comment.

11. Get a real friend

12. Are you Taeyeon? No. Shut the fuck up.

*It's obvious they were physically stretching their legs not with photoshop. Why netizens look pass these things, I don't know. Their brain cells are fucked up from botched thinking.

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