Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Aren't F(x), BTS, and FIESTAR Nominated for a MAMA Award?

I can't even count how many times of replayed "One More." Seriously.

Seriously MAMA? Seriously? They made sure to include EXO, SNSD, and SuJu. The only one of those three I'd vote for would be SuJu because Mamacita was pretty sweet. The other two weren't bad, but I wouldn't give them a "best of 2014" award.

But why aren't FIESTAR, BTS, or F(x) nominated? FIESTAR's "One More" was golden, BTS had the best songs from any boy group this year, and everything about F(x)'s comeback was fucking amazing. BTS are nominated, but it's for dance, not group or song, at least they're nominated for something. Why did MAMA insist on putting the most mediocre of groups (as of this year) as nominees when they could have had much better people on it? They could have put Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, Kiss&Cry, and a whole slew of other rookies and artist on there as well. But no, they stuck to big name groups to satisfy k-pop fandoms rather than actually picking quality acts of this year. 

Screw MAMA. I'll just pull a Yellow Slug and have my own awards.

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