Friday, October 10, 2014

Two Groups You Should Give a Chance to: History and BESTie!

I figured in the mixed of all of this scandal this and bullshit that, it would be my job to give you a happy post on my recent two group-bias wreckers: History and BESTie.

So why have I fallen so hard for these groups? Well let's see.


I had first heard of History in Kpopalypse's 30 Favorite K-Pop Releases of 2013, however I didn't listen to every song on the list until about mid 2014 because I got busy. I heard this and fell in love with the song:

Great melody, great harmonization and a very interesting instrumental/backtracking. Also has a very pretty and glamorous music video.

Which eventually lead me to this:

It has that great k-pop boy-band pre-2012 feel. A great melody, and a nice club banger beat thrown into there. It even has the cheesy fashion choices a lot of boy groups had from 2008-2012. 


Probably my favorite History song. Very 80's sounding, with again a great melody (seriously History have some of the greatest melodies I've heard from a kpop boy-band), nice fun vibe, and the music video has some very flamboyant and interesting choreography. It's a shame I didn't see this last year or else my 2013 favorites would have most definitely included this History song.


Oh yes, I think History got a little bit more popular with this release. Not only is the melody addictive, but the beat is so inspired by 80's dance music it's hard not to get off your feat and start dancing or singing a long to it. Some fuss was made over the video, but I thought it was cool and captured obsessive fandoms quite well. But then again, these are k-pop fans which would probably prefer them dancing in a box with flashing lights blinding the idols and them, so go figure.

I claimed Kyungil as my bias sense I saw "Tell Me Love." I think he's pretty cool.

He's also been a major bias-list wrecker for 2014 as well... Just putting that out there.


Another group I first heard of on the top 30 of 2013 list. I had first found them with "Love Options." Very 80's (kinda like History now that I think about it.) With frank lyrics an addictive "du, du, du" hook. 

Worthy of many listens. It's interesting that this is Brave Sound's work.

BESTie are also wizards. Because at first I thought their debut song, "Pitapat" was just "meh" but dude, I've been singing that addictive crack of a song since the first two listens. The dance is also very...funny and easy to do if you're into ass. On a relevant note, it has a sort of Rainbow "Don't Touch" sound to it. Watch that live and spot the similarities song wise and visually. 

Totally don't do this dance for the lols.

Thank U Very Much for this song! It's very lovely. It has a very interesting instrumental and funny lyrics (imo) I found the chorus cringe-worthy at first but I still sing it under my breath quite often so there's  more "proof" that BESTie are wizards.

I'm a huge fan of reggae, that may be due that I have quite a few relatives from the Caribbean (mostly Jamaica) so reggae has always been a heavy influence of what my family tends to listen to. I like the bits and pieces of reggae [influence] and R&B thrown into here and I feel it gives the song that one song from giving it "a good summer song" to "a great summer song." It's one of my favorite releases of 2014 seeing as it's nice, easy on the ears, and I can easily dance or relax to it

With all of that said, my bias in the group is Hyeyeon. She is all kinds of adorable and has a tendency to look like a mixture of Seungyeon, Xiumin, Chunji, and Mark.

The blonde had to grow on me. But cute is cute. Hyeyeon is a cutie!!!!

So to me, History and BESTie are two groups that really should be more popular.

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