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In the Halloween spirit, I have decided to have risen from the dead and put out a post, and in honor of our first anniversary I will be doing an in-depth look into when exactly suho_ftw ovaried up and started posting her honest thoughts on everything.

For a while I was the honest pervert with the blunt nature, but after reading the post over the past few months it has come to my attention that suho_ftw has either A. Followed in my lead or B. Doesn't give a shit anymore. It's probably B, but lets take a look so we can pin point when exactly my boss snapped. We will call this THE CLIMAX OF SUHO_FTW or THE BOILING POINT OF SUHO_FTW. I personally like the climax one, mostly because I'm a perve and apparently she is too. Who knew she had this in here?

The Beginnings (Late October 2013-Early January 2014)

Her face after she reads this paragraph.

Let's face it, in GOK's early days, it was a total hot mess. A trainwreck in desperate need of a make-over both content and physically wise. Her opinions were so wishy washy you could tell it was written by a teenager that just got a major k-pop wake up call, and was dealing with it through blogging. Articles are a mess, structure is a mess, taste is a mess. It's safe to say, she had a very rough beginning.

The Middle Ages (February 2014-May 2014)

Long story short, she slept through this period just like her Ultimate Bias.

I joined GOK around February, and I had just emailed suho_ftw saying that I liked her blog (I thought she was entertaining even though this blog was a mess) and said I can bring some spice to the blog (making it less one-notey.) She gladly accepted, seeing as she was getting lonely and needed someone to take over the blog while she struggled through school. So you could technically The Middle Ages "Cha_Cha's Reign."

The Renaissance (June - July 2014)

Rocked and rolled through this period like Jimin's hips.

Suho_ftw cracked on June 30th 2014. Want proof? Go to this article. I remember wanting to give her a virtual high-five for this. If she were the suho_ftw from before, she would have kept it fairly political, but this is when she dropped all of that B.S. and said "Fuck it, I'm going to say what I say whenever I say it. I'm going to drool over hot kpop boys, shit on netizens, and review songs that I think are great and anyone that has a problem with it can suck my nonexistent dick!" This is the real experimental age for suho_ftw, seeing as she was trying out a different style of blogging and in the end, she enjoyed it and kept with it. June 30th will forever be remembered as The Climax of Suho_ftw.

Suho_Ftw's Reign (August 2013 - October 2014)

Her reign was as flawless as Hara's hair-flips.

In late July - early August I went on a long vacation which left suho_ftw and newcomer Lee_MiCha to all of the articles. LMC post when she can, and suho_ftw hadn't really been posting much, so she seized this opportunity to perfect her new found attitude by writing a shit ton of nice articles, and even got one featured in a kpopalypse post because she wrote that good. I had one post, and it was on 4L. I got wrapped up in my school schedule but she told me not to sweat it and to even take a break because she enjoyed writing on the blog so much! Now that I'm back, I [guess] her reign is over and if we really wanted to, we could just turn this into a SHINee and BTS fap site where we post a bunch of hot pics of SHINee and BTS but we love you guys too much so we'll keep the fap post down to... lets just face it at the rate we're going, the fap post aint going anywhere.

Lastly, have a Taeyeon gif:

Thanks to google images, Yellow Slug and whoever the owner of the other gif(s) (again google images) is. And also a big thank you to maknae boss suho_ftw (baby boss, pretty sure she's the youngest out of all three of us), for making this blog happen. 

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