Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SPICA Going Back to Basics With "Ghost"

I was on Soompi earlier and I know there's a lot of hype over Clara being the #2 most beautiful woman in the world, and yeah that's nice and all, but I got even more excited when I heard that SPICA well make a return with "Ghost" produced by Sweetune November 5th.

Now SPICA have had a fairly good year so far. I loved "You Don't Love Me", replayed the crap out of "I Did It" (yup, I think that's a good song) and although SPICA.S's "Give Your Love" could have been better, I still think it was nice and got better as the song progressed.

From the description this has all the makings of a great SPICA comeback. Why you may ask?

  • Well for one, my bias Boa is joining the group again and SPICA ain't SPICA without Boa.

  • It's produced by Sweetune. The same producers who maid their earlier jams such as "Russian Roulette"

  • It will have a darker concept (songs called "Ghost" it can't be all rainbows and sunshine) which is where SPICA are at their best. (Like Russian Roulette and Painkiller.)
All in all, I think it's great that SPICA are teaming up with Sweetune again seeing as they are a strong producer team, I mean look at their KARA works. I also hear Nicole will be teaming up with Sweetune for her solo debut coming up soon which should be interesting, seeing as KARA traded Sweetune for Duble Sidekick. Looking forward to seeing what "Ghost" brings.

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