Thursday, October 30, 2014

So This is Where EYK Turn Into Watered Down Netizens?

When I first got into k-pop my main people were Eat Your Kimchi. They're pretty well known by k-pop fans, they make good videos, have interesting opinions, have a great marriage, all this went into the allure of them for me. But I'm just now realizing how biased and flip floppity they are, and no this is not a hate post or a rant.
My first problem right off the bat was them complaining about the story lines in MV's. Really? You guy's were complaining for years about k-pop being nothing but a bunch of cheap dance MV's and now the k-pop is attempting to make their MV's mean something, you beg them for more dance MV's? Okay.

VIXX's "Error" is a pretty coherent storyline as easy as Super Juniors. I don't know, maybe they watched it once in a rush to get more video content but it was a pretty obvious storyline, and I'm sorry but if Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, or 2NE1 released this music video I get the feeling they would have praised it for the storyline and had a whole segment on why it was great. I think everyone can sense that EYK have gone a bit group-blind over the years. 

Super Junior having the best comeback from ANY boy group this year? Sure "Mamacita" was great and sure "This is Love" is good too, but the best? Okay that's his (and 99.9% of ELF's) opinion and even Martina was like "WTF Simon?" When I pick a best group I go after how good they're music is, how hard the members worked, if the overall package is good. It seems that they were just excited that SuJu got a good comeback after SuJu M released that...I don't even know what the fuck that was that SuJu M released tbh.

Okay, I'm going to say this about the hate Red Velvet got about the 9/11 and Japanese bomb situations: It was stupid to make such a big deal out of it. And this is from someone who was alive when 9/11 happened. It was obvious that the video was trying to convey the message of "Happiness" and by using those subject matters in a video with the actions evolved  it made sense. Did they have to use those tragedies? No. But at the same time were Red Velvet trying to be offensive? No. It's okay to get offended because getting offended is a part of life, however the whole conspiracy and mess made behind that was just unreasonable. I don't know why people didn't understand it but then again Red Velvet are just nugus to these peoples minds who are just out for anyway to crave attention...even thought they are from SM entertainment and all. This isn't aimed specifically at EYK but to just people who bashed the video in general.

Martina is practically the saving grace of this episode when it came to the "War of Hormone" review. I think it's safe to say, this music video was not meant to be taken seriously and she saw that. 

One thing that has been bugging me for a while is when they state "This group isn't popular because [blank] and believe it or not, this group/artist is more popular than your favorite k-pop groups." Sorry for sounding rude but who honestly gives a fuck about the popularity of a group? If I cared about popularity when choosing my favorite groups, then I SNSD and EXO would be my favorite artist, not SHINee and F(x). So just because AKMU and Crayon Pop are more popular than BTS for [insert reason here] I should like them more? HAH! Besides their favorites are Big Bang and Brown Eyed Girls, so obviously that's not their intention, but it does come off that way.

Now do I dislike EYK? No, I don't know EYK personally plus they have some great videos. I highly recommend their TL;DR's. They have some really interesting opinions and views, and I'll still continue to watch them, however I'm finding some of this stuff really hard to digest. We don't always have to agree with each other because that would be weird but I've just been meaning to say this for a long time. Trust me when I say I like EYK's videos more than I dislike them.

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