Friday, October 10, 2014

OT.12? OT.11? OT.10?

I knew about his healthy problems, and I knew there were rumors about him wanting to leave, but I didn't think he'd actually try to sue SM, especially with the whole Kris thing earlier in the year. Jesus Christ, SM needs to get their shit together, because every time some idol came out with a scandal this year, SM made sure to kick you in the balls with a bigger one and by them being a bigger company with big idols it was bound to get some major attention.

Are they doing this to keep their name #1? No, because that's a stupid way to get attention. Yeah! Let's risk everything we have just to stay popular even though nothing could really stop us from being in the top 3 unless Girl's Day have a huge blow out like "Gee" did!

My hunch, and this is very hypothetical, but I think whenever a companies idol gets into trouble they pay SM (or their idols) to make up a bigger scandal so that their idols stay out of the big negative light. It's plausible, sense younger/less known idols are prone to bigger netizen hate and fan lost. Let's just face it, a member of SuJu could commit murder and they'd still have a gajillion fans backing them up and defending them mindlessly. They'd still get netizen hate, but they'd have more fans than let's say, Dahee. Is this worth a blog post? Oh yeah, anticipate it!

SM released a statement that is in the link in the beginning.

All hopes to Luhan and I hope he gets better.

I pray no SHINee or F(x) shit goes down, or I might just rage-quit SM altogether.