Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nicole Signs With B2M Entertainment + Plans to Make a Comeback This Year

The video above is Nicole's great solo effort from 2012 back when she was with Kara. This sprung into mind when I heard that she signed with B2M Entertainment for a solo debut recently.

When I first learned about Kara, Nicole was my favorite because of personality on variety and her dance moves. Also, she was born in the US and spoke English, so that also added to why she was my favorite from the start. As I got more into to Kara, Hara eventually came in #1 but Nicole and Seungyeon were always my runner up biases, and when I heard that Nicole was leaving last year I went into a slight shock. I seriously thought Kara was going to end, especially once Jiyoung left. However then the great "Mamma Mia" came out, and the new member, Youngji is too cute to resist.

With all that said, I'm happy Nicole wants to do solo. There were rumors of her planning to return as a solo artist, but I thought they were just rumors and didn't think much of them. But as it turns out, Nicole wasn't screwing around, and has been dedicating damn near a year into developing her craft. 

All in all, I hope she does well. With Lee Hyori and SPICA's company on her belt, she should get some recognition and I'm looking forward to see what she's got in store.

However, I wish she would wait until a more appropriate time to debut. Like the first week of January, that would be big. Plus, I think she should spend some time searching for a really good song to put her on the map. Towards the end of the year wouldn't really be good for her career in my opinion because of all the Christmas songs that big groups are going to start releasing in the next month or two. But who knows, maybe her song will outshine all of the Christmas songs and do her well. Either way, I'm glad to see that she's at least ambitious about returning to the music scene. Good luck Nicole.

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