Friday, October 17, 2014

[MV Review] T-ara - "Sugar Free"

Ugh, all of these music video reviews are draining. At least this T-ara song kicks ass.

What bad can I say about this song? Seriously it's great. It has an excellent club vibe, great melody, catchy chorus, and overall a total bombastic and glorious track. Shinsadong Tiger knows how to deliver a great EDM/ club song. This executes the best that T-ara has to deliver musically.

The music video, ugh, I want to throw a brick at whoever directed this. It's like being in a literal club. Which of course should play to it's strengths since BigRoom music is basically club music, but god the strobe lights, flashing lights, multi-colored lights mixed with whatever the fuck filters were used makes this the dark version of KARA's "Step" MV. Why? Because I'm pretty sure my vision got damaged within the first two watchings in it. Where as you can at least see the girls and the MV does have a natural drop in the bridge, "Sugar Free" is straight club experience all around. You can barely see any of the girls, however what we get is great of them. It never gives your eyes a break which makes it tiring for me to look at. RIP Kpopalyspe's vision. I do love that one set with the blue lines going across it because it reminds me of KARA's amazing "Pandora" MV. This had the potential to be a great MV, but in the end, it tried way too hard.

Do the girls look good? Yes. Is the song great? Yes. Is the video watchable? Not by my standards. However, I guess I can suffer through a few more watchings for T-ara because they really do deserve more than how they've been treated by the public for these past two years, especially with this amazing song. Come on, let T-ara win at least one show?

I give this song 5/5 Hyomin butt close ups.

I'm not even going to bother rating this MV.

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