Monday, October 13, 2014

[MV Review] Song Jieun - "Don't Look at Me Like That" and "25"

tl;dr: Song Jieun is fucking awesome.
I love Secret. I thought "I'm In Love" was great. Hyosung's "Goodnight Kiss" is my jam. I've also liked Jieun's past solo efforts (her song with Yongguk was good too) so when I heard she was doing some more solo work I was looking forward to it.

When this started I was prepared to be bored. I thought it was going to be another long, k-pop ballad. Of course it would be pretty on an album, but as a title track, it wouldn't stand on its own. Then the chorus kicked in and this song instantly kicked all kinds of ass and remained that was with the second verse, bridge, and final chorus. The whole song has this sort of haunting sound that suits the video perfectly.

And those lyrics, seriously, this song and video touched me as much as Lee Michelle's "Without You" did. It made me cry in all honestly. Not only could this song be about LGBT, but someone who is in a bi-racial relationship and idols who go into relationship as wells. They all get hate, rather they're gay, dating someone of a different race, or in fact an idol. And from this coming from an idol, in the cookie cutter world of K-Pop, makes Song Jieun's "Don't Look at Me Like This" in many respect, the Christina Aguilera "Beautiful" of K-Pop. Yes that's a fucking compliment no need to get all pissy about why Christina Aguilera sucks in your opinion and blah blah blah. 

This song is an upbeat dance track with a tango vibe to it and it's great! I also really like the flair the horns add to the song. I can't get enough of this awesome girl! These lyrics are also note-worthy as they embrace the idea of feminism and becoming a woman now that she is twenty-five years old. She's not ashamed of herself and wants to full take on maturity and her sexuality, also very deep for the child-friendly-for-the-norm and unintentionally-funny-when-it's-not K-Pop. The music video is nice too, really bright and colorful in contrast to "Don't Look At Me Like That." The flower cereal thing was... interesting. Nothing too much to say other than I want all of her clothes and she's very, very, very pretty. But that kind of goes without saying.

I'm not sure if these are just two single releases or if she's releasing a mini-album or an album. But if it's an album, I'll most defiantly be checking it out. I'd love to see what else she's got.

Jieun and Lee Michelle are my favorite female solo artist this year hands down. Congratulations Jieun, you've gathered another fan of yours.

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