Friday, October 17, 2014

[MV Review] Got7 - “Around the World"

So, JYP decided for his newest boy group to debut in Japan with the male version of "Red Light"? Cool.

My first thought with JYP debuting Got7 in Japan, I kind of face-palmed. Typical JYP, always rushing his artist into something. Hopefully the song will be really good or else this effort will be a major fail. JYP and Got7 deliver good here.

Now, some of you thinking that comparing this to "Red Light" will take it as an insult, because you hate "Red Light" song and think "All Around the World" is great, OR you love "Red Light" and think "All Around the World" is crap. But for me, considering that "Red Light" is my favorite song of the year (thus far that is, but the possibility of a song being more amazing than "Red Light" is pretty slim.)  Then comparing it to "Red Light", is a high compliment.

Now, do I think that this song is as good as "Red Light"? No. The singing and rapping here are can get kind of funny and not in a good way, and the synthesizers used sound a little loose in some places, also the transitions could have been handled better, however that won't stop me from jamming out to this song.

How is it different and how does it compare to "Red Light"? It's similar in the fact that it has similar usage of synthesizers, only while in "Red Light" the synths grind and here they bump against each other. Also, there is a build up to the chorus, both done nice, and it has a totally different chorus separate from any other part of the song, but that ads to it's affect. Only while Got7's is more hip-hop[?], F(x)'s is more electronica. Keep in mind musical comprehension is not my area of expertise, and this is just going off of my personal opinions and what I think is going on according to my ears. If you want accuracy, go visit Kpopalypse.

The music video is....??????

Okay the dancing is great, but it's Got7 so that's expected. The boys all look hot and the scenes of them individually with the countries names behind them are a nice touch. It's just a shame that "A" 's MV had a more suitable music video for "Around the World." At least that was shot in Malaysia with a diverse setting and diverse interactions, this a simple dance in a box MV, that in some cases, is lazier than SM's style. I don't hate it by any means but there was so much potential and for a debut in Japan, it could have been better. 

Should Got7 do good? I guess, I think they could have really made it with a better MV, however all they're living off of, is the goodness of the song. Rather or not the MV will catch attention is up to the Japanese fans. JYP could have done better with this, but's it's far from a fail in my opinion. Got7's music reminds me of Chris Brown pre-2009. "Girls Girls Girls" reminds me "Wall to Wall" and "A" reminds me of "Excuse Me Miss" this reminds me of "Look At Me Now". Okay "Look At Me Now" came out in 2011 but still, Chris Brown-ey. It's not a bad thing, even though Chris Brown overall is a watered down, a little more humble Kanye West in terms of personality.

I give the song 4.75/5 Marks

I give the music video 3/5 Jacksons

I give this entire release a Pass

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