Monday, October 13, 2014

Joon's Letter to Me

My MBLAQ bias and one of my ultimate biases Joon is withdrawing from MBLAQ to focus on his acting career. It's already been a pretty emotional Monday for me, and with Joon leaving, I was kind of devastated. Joon has some words for me on the matter.
Dear Fatass,

I know the news of my withdrawal from MBLAQ has been somewhat of a tragic shock for you, so I'm here to get you out of the dumps in the hopes to see that me being actor isn't that much of a bad thing.

I know that I was MBLAQ bias from the start (and who could blame you?) I know that you have a lot of fond memories of enjoying MBLAQ's songs (they're so good aren't they?) I know that if those F(x) bitches hadn't came out with the mind-blowingly amazing "Red Light" then "Be a Man" would have been #1 on your favorites of 2014 list. And I know you had a great time fapping fangirling to me in particular, but me going into the acting business is pretty beneficial for both of us.

Now you have more than one reason to watch k-dramas. Now you can see look more normal than in K-Pop's Anti-Human wear and foggy screen filters with unflattering angels making YOUR fapping fangirling experience harder. Now you can see me in normal human clothes, in clear lighting, and if I'm shirtless, well, you won't have to squint your eyes and tilt your head to see my abs! If there's a sex scene, won't that be even better?

All in all, you should be happy that I'm pursuing another career without the struggles that some other idols had. It could be worse. Much worse. This isn't a scandal, or anything bad, and nobodies gotten hurt behind this. Who know's, you may like me better as an actor than an idol! Be happy for me Fatass! Stop eating your weight in tater tots and Cheese Nips. Seriously, just watch my dramas and movies and fap see. You'll come around. 


*Put's "Gap-dong" and "Mr. Baek" on the top Drama's to Watch list.*

I have some k-drama and a movie to catch up on I guess.

But in all seriousness, I'm happy for Joon and I'm glad this going over smoothly. I know he's stared in quite a few already, so he already has one foot in the door. With Han Yeseul (my favorite Korean actress) very likely returning to the acting scene, I should have a nice time watching the dramas. Best of luck!

And yes 90% of that letter is a joke. Laugh.

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