Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Jimin-Ween!

The red pants and the suspenders... *sigh!*

Jimin's birthday was October 13th, and we all know that October 13th reversed is just October 31st. I see it fit to do an appreciation post using the photos uploaded on his birthday Yellow Slug style.

So if you saw something scary today and want to cleanse your eyes, well hopefully this helps.

Jimin is apparently a Chicago Bulls fan, automatically making him cool.

Also cool for other reasons of course.

Jimin is so fine Trey Songz wants him to be his mentor.

So much right with this picture.

Jimin is so adorable his main anti-fans are Bunny's and Puppies out of jealousy.

Deserves all of the "awwwww"'s in the world.

Jimin is also flexible and I don't have to finish this sentence do I?

Do I?

Didn't think so.

Jimin also followed in the footsteps of Onew in becoming one of the thigh-fanservice Gods.

Jin likes them as well. 

Thank you. SO much.

Despite Jimin's position as the sexy abs (who's looking at the abs?) dude in BTS, he is very, very, incredibly cute.

Good lord that smile <3


It should be illegal to have a face that cute.

I'm a Harry Potter fan nuff' said.

He has a habit of not keeping his tongue in his mouth.

Jimin is proof that God spends more time creating some people than others.

If he winked at me... #Dead.

Jimin is also...this:

:P to you too.

Jimin is so perf that BTS and ARMY's dubbed him King of everything.

Why yes your majesty :3

Have a Happy Halloween. I'm off to watch Oculus and other horror movies.

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