Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Got7 Do...Really Well in Japan.

Thoughts after the jump.

Keep in mind, I never expected them to flop. I thought "All Around the World" was great however I felt the debut was highly rushed, especially since Got7 just made their Korean/official debut in January of this year, and I also feared that it wouldn't appeal to the masses enough for them to make a spot on the market. But no, for once JYP's rushed business acts worked!

"All Around the World" is getting second and third places on song charts in Japan and the single is selling pretty damn nicely from the article. Wow JYP, wow. Just wow. Congratulations Got7. 

Now I'm not saying they're on the same level as KARA or BoA in Japan (they are pretty damn big over there) but they've had most love of Korean artists debut in Japan from 2013-2014. From the outside looking in, that's a pretty big statement. 

I'm happy for Got7, seriously, congratulations on your Japanese debut-sucess. Now hopefully JYP will give you guys a break or something because Got7, BTS, SPICA, and AOA have had promotions damn near non-stop all year. You know what they say: Work hard, play hard(er.)

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